Patricia Fein

Patricia Fein was born in Santiago, Chile. She 

attended El Camino College in Los Angeles, California and Silvermine Guild Arts Center in New Canaan, Connecticut. She focused on raising a family, while painting and continuing her education through workshops in the United States and abroad. She was

inspired by the poetic landscapes of Corot and Innes, the works of Velazquez, Chardin and Emil Carlsen’s still life. Also,  the colors of Bonnard and Sorolla’s luminosity amongst the myriad forebears of this wonderful gift, this desire to “paint.”

She is drawn to capture the light, color and mystery of her subject and favors painting representational still life both in oil and pastel. Ms. Fein also enjoys painting plein air and becoming immersed in nature, her main source of inspiration.

Ms. Fein is a member of Brush and Palette club of Sanford where she has garnered several awards. Her work has been featured in many juried shows. Ms. Fein currently resides in North Carolina.