Pittsboro Gallery of Arts 

Membership Application Information

Current Call for 3D artists

Application deadline

March 15, 2021

By completing this application you, the applicant, are agreeing to become a participating member of “Pittsboro Gallery of Arts,” a for profit co-operative. Pittsboro Gallery of Arts will provide a well-maintained gallery space, accept and pay sales tax, and promote artists and exhibits.


General Guidelines for Members:

  • Members must sign and return the Membership Agreement. 

  • Members become shareholders upon payment of required one-time membership fee of $300.00.

  • Members will be allotted an equitable amount of available space to display their inventory. Space will be determined by size and type of media.

  • Members will initially supply the Gallery with an inventory list of all work on display. Members will maintain their rotating inventory for the duration of their membership. Works will be kept fresh by updating and changing out art at least every other month at the time of a call for updating inventory. All work must be available for sale.   Members will provide an email list of inventory to be brought to the Gallery in the form specified.

  • Members will pay rent in the amount of $100.00 per month, by no later than the first of each month.

  • Members will pay a 18% commission fee on all sales made in the Gallery and will receive a check for 82% of their sales each month.

  • Members are required to work 7-10 hours per month staffing the gallery. This can be split into two 3-3.5 hour shifts or worked as 1 full day shift as availability allows.

  • In addition to staffing the Gallery, members are expected to help with the operation of the Gallery by serving on committees. Committee work may require 2-4 extra hours per month, as needed, for Gallery upkeep, extended holiday hours and special events. 

  • Members are required to attend monthly meetings.


Application Requirements:

  • Complete application will include: Application Form, Artist Resume, Artist Statement, and Member Statement, five (5) properly formatted images and an application fee of $25.  Only complete applications will be submitted for jury review.

  • Applications will be submitted online. 

  • The $25 application fee will be accepted online with your application.

  • All artwork will be submitted through high quality images in jpeg format. Maximum jpeg file size not to exceed 5 MB. 

  • The artwork presented for review shall be all of the same media and quality (For example painting, ceramics, sculpture, woodwork, jewelry etc.) as is intended for display in the Gallery. 

  • If the artist works in more than one medium, a separate application may be submitted for each type. The artist may be accepted in one but not all media provided.

  • The Artist Statement should be a short statement about why the artist makes this work, what his or her primary influences are, what inspires him or her.  It may include some information on materials and technique. 

  • The Member Statement should indicate what contribution the artist thinks he or she can make to the Gallery and include any skills the artist can offer, such as a marketing background or website development experience.

  • Upon completion of the jury review, applicant will be notified of the results.

  • Artists will provide their art to the Gallery on the date specified by the Gallery. 

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts

PO Box 1784, 44-A Hillsboro St.

Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


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