• Each member of the Gallery agrees to read and abide by this Member Agreement approved by the Board of Directors.

  • The Gallery is operated by all members for the benefit of all members as a for-profit organization. All work the artist provides must be “for sale.” No display tags shall read “for display only.”

  • New member agrees not to resign for a term of one year. If a member resigns, member will forfeit last month’s rent and all membership fees.

  • A member must attend at least half of all membership meetings held during a calendar year. If a member misses three consecutive meetings without reason, a warning letter will be sent asking for participation. If the fourth meeting is missed without reason, the member will be asked to leave the gallery due to unmet participation requirement.

  • All members will maintain an up-to-date inventory list of all their artwork on display in the gallery POS (Point of Sale) system with the wall price and POS price being the same. A member’s artwork must be tagged with an Inventory # (made up of the member’s initials and inventory number) and price. It is the member’s responsibility that the tag be legible and easily read by both members and customers.

  • A member may accept a commission order. If a commission is agreed upon through interaction with the Gallery, that sale is run through the Gallery’s books. If price of the artwork exceeds $750.00, as of April 2021, the Gallery will charge 18% on the first  $750.00 only. If a commission is agreed upon independent of the Gallery, 100% of that sale goes directly to the Artist; no sales receipt or payment is run through the Gallery.

  • All members must have some means to receive, read and respond to group/individual email messages that pertain to the operations of the Gallery. All members must have a working phone number and a way to receive voice messages for Gallery connection during business operations. 


  • Member rent will be $100.00 per month. A member is required to make payment to the Treasurer by the 25th of the preceding month; a check may be mailed to the Gallery or paid in person in the Gallery. If not paid by the tenth of each month, the rental amount is subject to an additional $15 penalty. The previous month’s sales commission check will be held until payment is received by the Treasurer.

  • As of April 2021, members are required to pay a monthly 18% Commission on their net monthly sales to the Gallery to cover overhead operational expenses; this will be deducted from their monthly commission checks. The Gallery will collect and pay all sales tax.


  1. Each member is required to work in the Gallery 7 to 10 hours per month. The Staffing Committee will arrange work shifts with input from individual members. Additional hours may be required as needed for special events etc.

  • Members who are unable to work their assigned shift due to illness or other obligations that restrict a work schedule may trade with another member or arrange to pay a trained worker to work in their place. The hourly fee to pay a trained worker to work your hours is $12/hour payable directly to the trained replacement. The Gallery will provide a list of trained gallery workers who will be the only non-members allowed to serve as gallery workers.

  • A member who is unable to work due to a hardship (i.e., hospitalization, lengthy illness, chronic Illness, death in immediate family, sudden emergency, act of God) may have their trained partner or family member cover work shift responsibilities. Other members are also allowed to step in on this member’s behalf and volunteer hours or trade.

  • A member who fails to work a scheduled work shift and does not arrange for a replacement worker is subject to a penalty of $20 per hour, if the Gallery does not open due to a missed shift. 

 2. Each member is required to work 2 to 4 hours per month as a member of a committee or serve on the Board. Members who do not fill this requirement will receive a warning letter asking them to abide by the gallery policy. If a member continues not to meet participation requirements, they will be asked to leave the organization.

The Staffing Committee will arrange work shifts with input from individual members. 

There shall be no favoritism exhibited for one member’s work over another while working in the Gallery. 

Only the member scheduled to work in the gallery will be responsible for sales and handling of money. Visiting members shall not handle the money when they are in the gallery.


The primary purpose of the Gallery is to effectively display and sell members’ artwork. To achieve this goal, the Curating and Aesthetics  Committee will regularly update the Gallery’s appearance, to ensure it is exciting and interesting to Customers.

  • Each member will be allocated equitable space for their work based on the size and type of medium. Members who are approved in more than one medium will not be provided additional space in the gallery. The Curating Committee will be responsible for arrangement of gallery space and will fairly represent every member. 

  • Although every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the safety of artwork on display, the Gallery will not be responsible for artwork loss or damage.

  • A member may only display artwork in the media and processes which have been juried during the membership application.
    A member wishing to add to or change their approved artwork may apply to be juried in alternative work. Each member is allowed a maximum of 2 media in the gallery.

  • Members will rotate/update artwork regularly, approximately every 8 weeks, subject to the Curating Committee’s request. Members will submit the artwork to the Curating Committee for installation in the Gallery.

  • Members may not alter display in the gallery. If a change is desired, a written request to the Curating Committee will be required.

  • The Curating Committee is the decision-making authority for the Gallery regarding all installations and all members shall comply with their final decisions. The Curating Committee will make every effort to ensure each artist member is fairly represented in the gallery. A member may, by written appeal to the Board of Directors, request a review of a decision by the Curating Committee and will receive a written response.

  • Wire is the only proper hanging device on the back of 2D wall work; no other type of hanging device is allowed unless previously approved by the Curating Committee. To prevent injury, all work must be completely finished so it does not have sharp edges on the outside of the work or the hanging wire. Hanging and Display requirements will be determined by Curating Committee.

 All installations and changes in the gallery are to be restricted to before or after business hours.


  • A member is entitled to one vote.

  • If quorum requirements are met, voting outcomes are determined by a simple majority. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the voting members present.


  • A member shall submit grievances to the Board in writing. The Board has the final decision-making authority within the Gallery and will, in response, issue a written ruling within a reasonable period of time.

  • A member agrees to resolve disputes after a hearing by the Board of Directors by arbitration rather than by court proceedings. This agreement does not end upon the member terminating their membership, but instead continues and remains in place.

  • Member who indulges in personal attacks; obscene language; abusive, emotional and/or inappropriate behavior within the Gallery will be subject to disciplinary action which may result in a fine, suspension or expulsion. If action is deemed necessary by the Board, all actions will be directed by the Bylaws and all involved will follow procedures as set forth in this document and will be held permanently said member’s file.


A member, in good standing for a minimum of one year, may qualify for a leave of absence of up to six months once every three years provided the leave does not critically reduce the Membership and a 30-day written Notice of Request is provided to the Board. It is understood that during this leave of absence, the Gallery elects to place a new member in the empty space so there is no loss of monthly revenue. At the time the member decides to return to the Gallery, if there is no space available to accommodate the return, the member will be placed in the first spot of the Gallery Wait List and will need to wait until a space becomes available.


A member must provide to the Board a 30-day written Notice of Membership Termination prior to its effective date or forfeit their prepaid last month’s rent. 

Settlement of funds between the Gallery and the member will be paid by the tenth of the month after leaving the Gallery, including pre-paid monthly rent if applicable, pro-rated rent and sales.