Karen West

"My oil painting subject matter is diverse; it includes people, places, animals and still life paintings.  My goal is to create compelling compositions, patterns, light and color congruence, with an image that draws the eye because of artistic harmony, while also provoking thought and emotion.  I began painting while practicing international law, when I spent years traveling and living abroad, observing the unique expressions of people’s lives in their environments.  This resulted in paintings depicting people in activity meaningful to them, capturing universal emotions – such as joy, wonder, dedication, and defiance.    

Some of my paintings use the classical techniques of the old masters, where I create a verdaccio underpainting before applying multiple layers of oil glazes.  With each step, as the rich complexity of form, value, and color is shaped, and the image's essence is illuminated, a deeper relationship with the painting develops.  Other paintings call for direct painting or the alla prima method.   The nature of each painting defines the most appropriate method or combination of methods.

For more information about Karen and her work, please visit:

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts

PO Box 1784, 44-A Hillsboro St.

Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


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