Karen Sosa

Karen Sosa creates oil paintings inspired by the natural world, exploring the dichotomies between light and dark, static and shifting matter, and form and atmosphere. She begins initially with a subject, a photograph, or a memory and then thickly layers bold colors, often with a palette knife, to create the composition. She plays with light, sometimes blurring the boundaries between forms and shapes and sometimes using dark shapes to define the space, but always allowing the colors to dominate. Each painting evolves very organically from a time or place that is deeply meaningful to her.

Karen Sosa has been painting for more than 30 years. She graduated from Smith College with a degree in art, then went on to a successful career in book conservation. Since moving to North Carolina, she has rededicated herself to painting full-time. Karen grew up on Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and worked on a vegetable farm for 10 years. She draws inspiration from the memories of walking under piers, tiptoeing through beach grass, feeling the wind on a cold beach, and smelling the earth as she plowed the fields. She uses color as the central component in her art, weaving its emotional impact with her connection to the land. For more information about Karen and her work please visit:

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts

PO Box 1784, 44-A Hillsboro St.

Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


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