Jim Aiken

 "Many places I’ve lived, Vermont, Stockholm, Colorado have distinctive light effects that amplify reflections, shadows, shapes and colors.  I am captivated by light creating, altering, and exaggerating color as it filters through the atmosphere or autumn leaves, mirrors off water, touches a person’s face, causes a dramatic sunrise or sunset, or reflects off old town windows.  I like subjects that allow me to exaggerate a sense of motion, sound, or touch. I want the visual experience to conjure up other senses.  Usually my images are of nature, both real landscapes and synthesized ones.  But, even with a portrait, I like to capture a transient smile or a unique moment in time.  Recently, I have been experimenting with abstract images that convey motion, color harmony, and earth elements, which for me, is an extension of my adventures with light in nature."

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts

PO Box 1784, 44-A Hillsboro St.

Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


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