Complete application will include:

Application form

Artist Resume (.docx)

Artist Statement (.docx)

Member Statement (.docx)[addressing what you will contribute to our organization.]

5  images  (.jpeg, Max. 5MB)

$25.00 application fee.

Only complete applications will be submitted for jury review.

Please submit application online. 

All artwork submitted as high quality images in jpeg format. Maximum jpeg file size not to exceed 5 MB

Please include 5 images for review.  Please name jpeg file as follows: last name/name of piece/dimensions. 

Artwork presented for review shall be the same media and quality (For example painting, ceramics, sculpture, wood work, jewelry etc.) as is intended for display in the gallery. 

If the artist works in more than one medium, a separate application may be submitted for each type of media. The artist may be accepted in one but not all media provided.

On completion of the jury review, applicant will be notified of the results.

Artists to provide their art to the gallery by the date as notified. 

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts

Membership Application

Artist Resume
Artist Statement
Member Statement
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Applicant agrees to become a participating member of “Pittsboro Gallery of Arts,”  a for profit co-operative.

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts will provide a well-maintained gallery space, accept and pay sales tax, and promote artists and exhibits.

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