Judith Maier

"I am originally from Brooklyn and earned my MA at Queens college and EDB in Education and English at SUNY Buffalo. I began drawing and painting in Kindergarten. Making art is part of my daily life, like breathing. Retiring after 30 years as an Interior Designer in Chicago, I had an “Ahah” moment when I discovered clay in a class at the Lil Street Art Center in Chicago. Since then I have taken classes and workshops in hand building at Claymakers, The Bascom and Anderson Ranch, and Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft.
I have been on a journey to bring my visions and narratives to life in clay while establishing a painterly surface. Influenced by the Ballet, Fairy Tales, Puppetry, the Circus and the Theater. My sculptures each have their own voice and feel magical. I want them to connect with the viewer and communicate shared emotions and experiences that delight and celebrate the human spirit.. "

Oracle 1

Wild Hare 1

Girl Who Mistook a Fish for a Hat

Oracle 1