Member's second medium application will include:

Description of new media 

5  images  (.jpeg, Max. 5MB)

Please be aware additional media does not allow a member additional space in the gallery. Each member has a designated amount of gallery space; any additional media will be incorporated into the member's existing space.

Please submit application online. 

Please include 5 images for review.  Please name jpeg file as follows: last name/name of piece/dimensions. 

Only submit high quality images in jpeg format. Maximum jpeg file size not to exceed 5 MB


Artwork presented for review shall be the secondary medium (only) of the member artist (For example painting, ceramics, sculpture, wood work, jewelry etc.) and shall represent the same quality as is intended for display in the gallery. 

On completion of the jury review, member artist will be notified of the results.

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts

Second Medium Application

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Thank you for your Submission.