Barry Udis

"I have found a new interest in photography since I retired, and have found the challenges of the art of photography more difficult since I am now taking it more seriously. I enjoy the hunt for beautiful and interesting places to compose an image that is provocative, both emotionally or intellectually. Light and water play a key role in my Landscape images, which forces me to be mindful of when I need to shoot and where I am in relation to the object. 

The mindfulness of course comes into play not only in Landscape photography. Portraiture, Cityscapes and Abstracts also need an awareness of the surroundings and the light, whether from the sun or other sources. Each genre offers different types of challenges, which also makes the challenge more rewarding. "

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts

PO Box 1784, 44-A Hillsboro St.

Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


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