Alissa Van Atta

Alissa Van Atta would sum up her work as “skirting around ambiguity.”  Often classified as Abstract Expressionism, she hints towards shapes created by multiple layers, texture and different treatments of the paint.  The titles are intentionally ambiguous, but encompass aspects of her thoughts and observations during the creative process.


The subjects are observations of news, events and ideas that capture her attention as oddities or out of the norm.  Alissa’s intention is to create an intimate connection to the viewer that is inviting and for the viewer to be compelled by the piece to the point that one is tempted to touch the piece.  She gravitates towards organic shapes and tones and has long played with texture and varying degrees of opacity and translucence to the pieces.  Texture is often highlighted as an area of interest.  Expressionism is the main statement, refinement is the pondering, editing and reworking of an image.

Pittsboro Gallery of Arts

PO Box 1784, 44-A Hillsboro St.

Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


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